Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Garbage Art

We read some articles about how artists use garbage to make art. The artists want you to look and think about at all the stuff you throw away.

Found Poetry

We found some words in magazines and made some poetry like ransom notes.

Scientists in the Field!

We got to design field journals for when we go to Hoffman park so we can take notes on the things we do in Natural Encounters.  Before we started to design the field journals we brainstormed words that go with nature. It is even cooler because we got to make our field journals however we wanted as long it has to do with nature. Some people used pictures from old books of grass and bugs and other animals. This what they look like ⬇️

Townhall debate.

The townhall debate was about fracking and we all researched about fracking then the groups got together and had a debate. We debated if fracking was good or bad and we listed facts under pros and cons. People felt angry because they wanted people to agree with their opinion if they were against yours. There were lots of different stakeholders which were, bc government, First Nations, gas company, community members, environmentalists and people looking for jobs. Fracking is a machine that goes in the ground puts chemicals into the water then puts sand in the cracks and then sucks up all the natural oil. We did this because it's an important environmental problem and it’s important that people know what's going on and what fracking is and also the effects of it.

-Allison, Simona, Libby