Thursday, April 6, 2017

Hey Guys 

So last Tuesday we did an experiment with oil, feathers, and lots of tools. The teachers filled the bowl with water, a little bit of cooking oil, and some feathers. What we had to do is that we had to try and clean the oil out of the water using these tools: A cork, a plastic spoon, two paper towels, a ball of clay, a coffee filter, a cotton ball, popsicle stick. We did this because we were learning about the oil spill in mexico. What we learned is that its really hard to get oil out of water. The feathers took a long time to clean. And that if we cant get cooking oil out of a small bowl of water then it would be impossible to get out of a big ocean. Another thing that happened this week is the field trip to save-on foods (grocery store) for a healthy food trip. At save-on we learned about the food chart so that means like fruit/ vegetables, dairy, bread, and meat. After the tour we got to buy healthy foods and drinks. It was fun having a field trip to save-on foods. 

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