Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Three more days until Spring Break!

its Jayne and Jayda here!

jump rope for heart is coming on march 8th 2017,for the people who don't know what jump rope for heart is to help people with heart diseases and strokes.We jump rope and raise money for the heart and stroke foundation which they give  the money to the scientists  to find a cure.

we just had our conferences, usually i feel open to my parents and i feel open to my teacher but when you combined the two together i feel uncomfortable because instead of being one on one with my teacher or  my parents  instead its two on two with my teacher and with my parents! The good thing about conferences is that your teacher lets your parents know what you still half to work on and how your doing in school and it also lets you know that you can do something about your learning so you can succeed.


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